Hi, I’m James!

I love learning and creating.

I recently created Artsci, an intellectual apparel company whose mission is to make people think. Artsci is a product of my business experimentation that started in 2015 at Detroit’s primary business incubator, Tech Town, where I was fortunate enough to graduate in their DTX Launch Detroit accelerator program. This was my first exposure to value propositions, customer discovery, lean startup methodology, and all things entrepreneurial. The company, SteerPeer dissolved after the program.


More recently I created a website, Geomitree, which will link up to online courses (on Udemy) that teach people how to customize various objects using 3D printing (starting with custom ‘Monopoly’ boards). Early in 2017 I decided to participate in an apprenticeship program called Praxis, which I just started this November. The next few months consist of an entrepreneurial boot camp, after that I’ll be hustling for 6 months with on-the-job apprentice work at a startup. I’m looking for opportunities where I can leverage my imagination to solve problems in marketing, operations, and design.