I’m currently working as a Lighting Designer and the Sales & Marketing Director for Boston Event Lighting. I also incorporating my creative skills and 3D printing capabilities over at Space Disco.

After attending Wayne State University in Detroit, MI for a couple of years (2014-2016) I decided to take the self-educated route and joined Praxis in 2017.  Praxis is an apprenticeship program that landed me an internship out in New Hampshire in 2018 which is where I’m currently located. After the internship I started working for Boston Event Lighting.

I love working with clients to plan their events and take pride in the productions that I’m apart of! In my free time I enjoy time reading, writing, going for hikes and runs, and watching films. In addition, much of my time is spent with my lovable flame point Himalayan cat, Charlie (who’s spent more time around disco balls than any other cat).

I plan on becoming technically proficient in professional lighting software ChamSys MagicQ enabling me to plan, design and program professional light shows with sophisticated light cues. I’m  currently working on my lighting visualization skills and growing my knowledge of rigging lighting fixtures. Checkout my gallery for both photos and videos of my work.