Progress Report 2

This week’s progress has been made primarily with Geomitree. I am so focused on this startup project at the moment because it’s also my portfolio project for Praxis.

Basically, everything has been on hold this week, except making Knowledgopoly: my first customizable 3D printed Monopoly Board.

By the end of this year (and month) I will have complex my first online course: How to Create Your Own Customiz(able) Monopoly Board.

Before I build that course I have to finish building my first customizable board. Below is some of the progress that I’ve made this week.

The 3D board is now complete, I am in the process of making the name-inserts as well as the Cards & Money.

Above you can see me digitally “slicing” geniuses. This slicing tells my printer the geometric print settings for each piece. I decided that geniuses like Einstein and da Vinci naturally make the cut for game pieces in the game of Knowledgopoly.

I finished printing some obscure game pieces so that I won’t have to print the entire middle section of the board.

Stacks on stacks on stacks… of books.


The Railroads are the Math Line, Science Line, Philosophy Line, and Art Line. Based off The Spectrum of Wisdom.

Up close and personal with the new game board, and the phenomena that started existence?

This week the goal is to finish the other parts of this first game set, and to finish an outline for the course and start filming.


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