Progress Report 1

Each Saturday (starting today) I will be posting a weekly report of my various creative projects:

  1. Artsci
  2. Geomitree
  3. Philoshoephy
  4. The Spectrum of Wisdom



This week for Artsci I spent about 3 hours working on getting the new DTG (Direct to Garment) printer working. Pictured below is the DTG ink along with the inkjet cartridge and syringe to inject it with. This process was a bit messy, and I stained my jeans with the yellow ink a little bit on accident..

The next step is to actually start printing t-shirts, which I plan to do by the end of this month. I’ve gotten the printer to appear as if it were running through the process of printing, but the ink didn’t show up on the shirt. I think the issue could be that I need to adjust the printer or print settings, and am awaiting a response from the manufacturer.

As soon as I get the shirts printing off the printer I’ll be able to start taking WAY more product photos and build a solid marketing/social media campaign. Not to mention, the extra profit I’ll earn from not having to pay Printful.



This week I started printing the first customizable Monopoly Board. I’m almost finished with the pieces- I found that it’s best to sit down and make a bunch of the board files at once. That way even when I’m busy I can just drag a file into the printer and keep it busy!

I’m looking forward to tinkering with new customization ideas. After starting to physically putting one of these together I’ve started to realize that the possibilities for the direction of the online course “How to Create a Customizable Monopoly Board” are extensive. There’s something about physically creating something that really gets my mind going.

Over the next week I plan to build the website for Geomitree and finish the first board, which will have the theme Geniusopoly- with Einstein, da Vinci, Franklin, Darwin, Socrates, and Aristotle as player pieces (check next week’s update for board pieces). I also plan on developing a rough outline for the first course, laying out the different customizable aspects.



My first fiction novel is in the plotting stage- and it’s about to move into the writing stage this week. Here’s what it’s about:

Philoshoepy is a philosophical fiction novel that takes place in a shoe store where the shoes creep out of their boxes at night and hold the personality of the last person who tried them on. At the beginning of our story, most of the shoes are either getting into drunken arguments over drinks (of shoe polish) or hiding in their box because they see no point in coming out.

One day, a new pershoenality enters the mix and creates organized philoshoephical debates about topics like free will vs. determinism that the other shoes slowly but shoerly start to attend. After these debates are finished the dreams of the respective personalities are finished, and the people who tried those shoes on wake up and begin to check their premises, as their philosophies begin to head in a more truthful direction.

I am pretty much done constructing the abstract plot in my head, now I must start concretizing the specifics of the story. Over the next week the goal is to finish the outline and actually start writing the story.


The Spectrum of Wisdom

The past week I haven’t worked too much on my non-fiction work, besides doing quite bit of thinking on it. I plan on rereading the apx. 10,000 words written so far and reconstructing an outline, so in some sense I’ll be starting over.

The thing is, just two months ago my thoughts on the spectrum were different. I now have more clarity the interrelatedness of Math, Science, Philosophy, and Art. Part of this is thanks to another book that I just started reading, which I would highly recommend: The Act of Creation.

In this book the author provides a theory of creativity, one that contrasts the behaviorist view that Man is merely and automaton. More on this is in the future on my Recommended Reading page.


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