What do shoes have to do with philosophy?

Find out in Philoshoephy, a philosophical fiction novel that will tell the story of a Philoshoepher, a Nishoelist, and a whole bunch of Pershoenalities.

The inspiration for my novel came from reading philosophy books (among others) while I sold shoes. When I first started selling shoes I had thought up a different novel idea, but being surrounded by shoes constantly forced my mind into constructing a story that involved, well, shoes!

The theme of the book is that there are always two sides to an issue and that usually, one side is not 100% correct and the other 100% wrong- but rather, both sides have something to learn from each other. Rather than debating irrationally (forcing our ideology on somebody) or doing nothing to change someone's mind, I believe that the growth of knowledge in society is dependent on rational argumentation between individuals.

In Philoshoephy, the main character is struggling to uphold this philosophy in high school. When he gets a job in the local shoe store, Once Upon a Tie, the owner hints at the possibility of generating rational argumentation in a world unlike our own that would, however, make changes in the real world.