I’m A 3D Model

Okay, so I haven’t officially been made into an OBJ or STL (digital 3D model) file yet.

That being said, I’m still a 3D object.

I recently signed with New England Models Group (NEMG).

What lead me to this was a curiosity about becoming more in touch with my body. I get too stuck in my head with abstract thoughts, and modeling and acting seem like something that contains the physical here and now very much so.

Not to mention, I’ve also had strangers tell me I look like Barry Allen (AKA The Flash) at least once every month for the past year.

My own curiosities and others likening me to a look which already existed in a sense lead me to try out a photo movement workshop with the agency and start to build a portfolio of pictures.

I realize that I’m very new to this industry. The only experience I had was doing Musicals technically.. Annie and Guys & Dolls.

More recently I narrated Isaac Morehouse and Hannah Frankman’s Forward Tilt, which will be available in the coming weeks.

Whether it be modeling, acting, or voiceovers that I manage to become the most successful at, I hope that I gain a lot of introspective value from the practices over the coming months.

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