Astra Lounge in Portsmouth

My friend Steven has an awesome apartment in downtown known as the Astra Lounge. This is where the Saturn disco ball lives, and where Space Disco’s HQ is. In the above picture you can see white light being shined onto the Saturn Disco ball and UV light being shined onto the Neptune disco ball.

The different combinations of effects you can get are really neat and I’ve been experimenting with them in my apartment in Manchester in addition to the Astra Lounge. The only difference is that currently I’m practicing with a traditional 24″ silver mirror ball. The Saturn disco ball is made of a rose gold disco ball that measures 16″ with a ring that’s diameter is 24″. The Neptune disco ball is a 20″ blue one. We just purchased a red one for Mars to be used at the Space Disco at Porcfest this year. I can’t wait to practice with all of them at Astra Lounge!