From a young age, I’ve had an obsession with shapes. It started with LEGO. I could build anything with these little bricks, I thought.

10 years after I stopped (not completely, mind you) playing with LEGOs I ordered my first 3D printer and started to see the possibilities of additive manufacturing.

I started selling 3D printed objects in 2018, my first product was the “idea light”.

An Einstein Idealight

Shortly after I started selling these products, I started an apprenticeship through Praxis with a blockchain startup called LBRY. I marketed the decentralized content marketplace to the 3D printing community.

An Instagram post I made showing off the new 3D file viewer which I pushed to be added to the LBRY desktop app

During my apprenticeship with LBRY I was still selling 3D printed objects, and had a notable experience at both FEE Con and Porc Fest where I learned that people wanted idea lights but not of Einstein: they wanted to be able to choose the bust!

One problem: creating the digital file of a bust is expensive.

Previously, I had been using Thingiverse to find files for 3D printing. They have numerous busts, but not innumerable busts. I could create innumerable busts by hiring CAD designers but that process was too expensive for the average person to be willing to pay for it.

To be continued…